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Thread: A few tips I wanted to share, after buying for the first time.

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    Default A few tips I wanted to share, after buying for the first time.

    So, I bought for the first time, 2 days ago. And I wanted to share some good ideas that I haven't heard mentioned before, to help another newbie buy for the first time.

    -Try to show up a few minutes before closing, or a few minutes after opening. (If you binge/purge like mad, probably at night. Maybe it's just me, but I never want diapers in the morning, and you'll discourage yourself). The store will be practically empty, if you pick the right one. If it's a 24 hour pharmacy, just at night should be fine.

    -Try to go far away from you, from a town where you don't know anyone. But if you get the times right you could get away with it close to home.

    -When going to a big Pharmacy (Rite-Aid, CVS, etc.), if you're younger (14-20), when they ask for a rewards card, just say 'They never sent me with that', implying a family member sent you and it's urgent. They'll think HIGHLY of you for buying diapers. I found this one myself


    - if you drove, park near the door. In and out quicker, especially since they don't normally bag diapers.

    -when the cashier goes to give your receipt, just tell them, if you're young enough, your parents don't need it, it's fine.

    -Don't focus on the best diapers ever. If this is your first time, store brand is still gonna feel like an Abena M4, just because of how proud you'll be of yourself. But, if you FIND the best ones ever, do go for it!

    -again, if you drove, don't pick an exact store to buy from, if you're really nervous. Pick a 'route' of multiple stores so you can check out how many people are there, and maybe see if the cashier will be difficult to deal with.

    - If you're old enough, and the cashier looks young enough, try buying condoms and diapers at the same time, and jokingly tell the cashier 'Only one of these are for me. Guess which one'. I'm doing that next time.

    Please, anyone else who has tips that aren't heard very much add them in. I'm fairly new at this, so I could use more pointers.

    In case if any of you were wondering what I bought: 16 Rite Aid Disposable Briefs. Not optimal, but It's a start. They fit me well, which is nice compared to what I normally had.

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    Some solid tips here. It's really important to pick a good hiding spot in advance, and make sure you have a way of getting your diapers there undetected if you live with parents. I also think that if you're very nervous, the first or last few minutes the store is open are the prime times to buy. I bought close to closing my first few times, and the emptiness of the store made it far easier.

    One reassuring thing to remember is that cashiers really don't care about you or your purchases. It's true! Even a young person buying diapers won't register. At the store closing, they're just tired and want to go home, not make inquiries about your buying habits. At the beginning, they've got hours of craziness ahead of them, and you won't stick out in all the chaos of a typical store day. So you probably won't be noticed or remembered. Just make the transaction as normal as possible, and you won't be memorable.

    It's easy to assume that the whole world thinks we're buying diapers for ourselves to wear. But that's the last thing most people would assume! They will probably assume you're buying them for a relative, or that you have a medical need. Being an ABDL would be their last assumption. So breathe easy next time. It's really OK, so long as you make it an average transaction.

    Thanks for posting these good tips - and congratulations on your first purchase! Enjoy!

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    I'm not sure I fully agree with the "just after the Store opens or just before closing idea." When the place is busy your basically hiding in plain sight, just mixed in with the masses. I guess this is best if you want the least attention from the store staff. I guess going in early or late you're less likely to run into someone you know. For me burying the diapers themselves is the easy part. Store workers and other customers could care less what you're purchasing. The hard part is getting them into your home if you live with others and trying to keep your secret.

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    I'm not really on board with all of these. Especially that condom one; that one's kind of creepy, honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    I'm not really on board with all of these. Especially that condom one; that one's kind of creepy, honestly.
    I suppose it could appear to be creepy, but if you say it the right way, not acting or looking creepy, maybe more playful, it could work out. It'll definitely make them think you're not buying diapers, which in all honesty, some people are afraid of the staff. Not everyone is as professional as we think. This could prove useful to someone who's scared. Maybe, maybe not. Just an idea I came up with.

    For example, If you're an 18-19 year old guy and a girl roughly the same age is working there she might find it as a very funny-yet-edgy joke.

    That tip, definitely not being the best, depends on how you play it out.

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    As soon as we get it through our heads, that NO ONE CARES if we buy diapers, then it's no big deal. Seriously, no one (but us) thinks about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74
    The hard part is getting them into your home if you live with others and trying to keep your secret.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That. I'd buy one of every brand they had if I thought I could sneak it in my house without any one seeing lol.

    Ones I realized no one really cared what you where buying it was great. Till that point I would carry a paper with me with things written on it and checked off, and whatever diaper I planned on getting that the store website said was in stock or at least should be. (if a store employe where to ask if I needed help finding something then I could just point to the diaper on the list and ask if they had any and where.)

    Keep the money in a pocket not in you're wallet along with said list. at register you can pull out the list and money and hand them the cash while putting the list back in you're pocket.

    And then something I still do to make things less awkward bring up the traffic or the weather or some other topic every one can relate to.

    have a place in you're car if you drove there to hide them in in case you run into someone you know, be it when you get home someone is there you didn't' expect.

    If you walk, I try to avoid this one but if you must. I guess taking a backpack would work tho it may look sketchy. make sure you have a place to hide it outside your house out of view in case something comes up and someone is there you didn't expect.

    oh the joys of living with others.

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    When I have bought over the counter, Boots stay dry slips, I always insist on the receipt, just to try and give the impression they are for someone else and they require proof of how much they cost.

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    seriously really seriously, don't do the condom joke >.<
    a. It really is creepy and the cashier is going to be really freaked out
    b. An image of your face will be forever burned into his/her memory and if they see you out and about and they're with a friend, they are definitely going to point you out and will definitely mention what you bought :O

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