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    Hi all, I want to go to a incontinence shop to get better nappies that aren't the basic Depends or Tena Pants(I don't mind them but prefere a change). Most of them are at least 40-50 mins away from home but only 10mins when im volunteering just out of the city.

    I finish at 5 normally but sometimes finish early, all the incon. shops close at 4-4:30. All other shops close at 5 here in Aus.

    Why would they close early and have such inconvenient opening times?

    I went to a discount Chemist and got Tena Pants Plus as I haven't worn nappies in awile, they weren't cheap but are thick, comfortable and are a change from Depends.

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    Many specialty shops do this, as there just isn't enough demand to justify the expense of keeping a shop open all day.

    Many places also do this that sell mainly to business customers (where the purchase is made during business hours as part of someones work day), or sell a specialized enough product that people who need it will figure out how to get there during their hours. Both might be applicable here.
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    I guess alot of places like that are also open around 7-8 am ao they can have orders ready to be picked up by the freight companies early in the morning.
    Anywhere ive ever worked as a storeman or picking/packing orders its always early start early finish type job.

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    most stores will actually look very closely at a graph of sales made during the different hours of the day, to determine when's the best time to open and close. Whether or not to be open on Saturday or even Sunday. What change in hours they will have on Fri, Sat, or Sun.

    The last place I worked at changed their hours several times, "chasing the crowd". You can't do that very often, it confuses your customers. A lot of them weren't aware of our "new hours" for many months.

    But when you run the numbers and see that on a monthly average, only 2% of your sales are made between 7-8pm (closing at 8) then you need to cut back that hour and close at 7pm instead. Mostly to save cost on staffing. We tried being open on Sunday, but that lasted less than a month. (imho not long enough to test, peope simply weren't aware we were open and our advertising wasn't adequate) But there were entire Sundays we only saw 3 customers. That's totally not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Do you work and do they open Saturdays ?
    No I don't work. They're open Saturday but I'm usually busy and it's too far a drive, it's only good if I'm already down that way. I start my volunteer work at 10 so could go there before.


    That makes sense about limited customer flow therfore early close times. Is there anything I need to know about speacilty stores? Will they ask lots of questions or do an assesment? (I'm not incontinent)

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