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Thread: How to fit into small, baby diapers?

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    Default How to fit into small, baby diapers?

    So I'm broke but I can get baby diapers for free? Any way I can squeeze or sew two together?

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    Your better off just buying adult diapers because sewing and putting two together can just really be alot of work and cause alot of your time. Adult diapers are pre-made and are easier. Buying adult diapers aren't that hard. If your using baby diapers and they are too small your best bet is to just let them lay inside your underwear. Will hold small wettings but it's the same feeling.

    Although if you want to go through the hastle of making bigger baby diapers or combining and whatnot then go to this blog.

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    I like to use Pampers size 6, I have to extend the tapes but it's wearable even though the sides dont meet up like they should and still holds a good wetting. I also use various size 5 diapers by just laying them in my underwear and they still take a good wetting.

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