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Thread: Not trying to advertise something, but...

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    Question Not trying to advertise something, but...

    But, has anyone ever bought a pair of these?

    I'm seriously considering them as I'm a wearer and not a wetter.

    Many years ago I made something like these for myself and a lover. We had lots of fun with them. The ones I made were of soft flannel type cotton material and between the layers was sandwiched one inch thick foam rubber. Used Velcro on them but these all made up with snaps look VERY inviting.

    The only drawback is the price and my budget. sigh..

    So again, has anyone bought them?

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    o,o they look nice, but wonder if i could fit a diaper under it

    EDIT: apperantly u can so i might be ordering a pair of those ^//^
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    These look incredibly cute! I may just have to look into this again when I'm in a better situation for online buying.

    Thanks for sharing! ^^

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    The bottom picture with the doll is freaky, thanks for the nightmare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    The bottom picture with the doll is freaky, thanks for the nightmare.
    Yep, that last picture IS a nightmare, not my doing, but the seller's.

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    Get the right size or otherwise #[email protected]%&* - too small/tight and pop snaps will be forever popping.
    I bought a similar item off ebay awhile back and finally superglued the snaps shut since the bubble panty
    had enough stretch to pull on (without diaper). Flimsy snaps just would not stay snapped. Size was an issue also.
    Doesn't look like there is room for much diaper except a small sized pull-up.
    All in all a one night stand fantasy wear and of course you have to have the body to wear it looking good !
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