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Thread: Land's End up to size 20!!

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    Talking Land's End up to size 20!!


    Just wanted to inform people that winter is coming and that Land's End are selling sleepers up to size 20 this year! Used to be like 14/16 before. I just ordered mine.

    These sleepers should fit people up to about 69 inches tall or 175 cm! They only have one pattern atm. but I guess there will be more later on

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    And here I was wondering if they were discontinuing them as they have had them on clearance for months.

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    They always Clarence them out at the end of the season usually is when I finally buy them

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    Now I have the tough choice of buying either these in size 20 (which would just fit me), or buying an adult sleeper that will fit but probably be somewhat loose.

    Thanks for posting this find!

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    Public service announcement: if a footed sleeper is borderline too small for you, do not wear it! You could hurt your feet.

    Last winter, I wore a Target boys' sleeper overnight a couple of times. It was a tight fit, and I felt a little bit of pain in one of my big toes from the pressure the fabric was putting on the nail. I decided to ignore the pain, because the sleeper was so cute, and I really wanted to believe that it fit me.

    A month later, I noticed that the nail didn't seem to be growing anymore. Three months later, I got an infection under my toenail and had to get the nail removed. The sleeper had dislodged the back of the nail from its bed. It's grown back, but it took a long time.

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    That sounds the size of a healthy 20 year old male.

    Don't have that particular sleeper but I have a boy's Lands End sleeper in size 16. The sleeper fits very loose on me (especially the feet) despite my height and weight being within the recommended range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    what does a size 20 translate to in adult sizes?
    Supposedly around a 30'' waist.

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