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    My name is scott and I have had several interests in these things for a while. I am trying to get my wife into them as well and would like to hear what others have tried. THank you for letting me explore your suggestions.

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    Hi spdoman! I see you've been a member quite a while, but not active. Since you said you have interest "in several of these things" and want to get your wife active, could you share a little bit more about yourself-- both what sorts of things in the ABDL world you're interested in, but also your non-ABDL interests. That way we can get to know you better and provide relevant answers.

    But what I would say first of all, is don't try to push her into things she's not comfortable with. Does she know about your interests? How long has she known if she does? Is she okay with it? Is she okay with it as long as you don't do anything in front of her? Does she participate in you living out your desires? Are you actually doing "it" (whatever your interests are) currently or just interested. While you might be nervous about putting the answers to these questions up here, but believe me, as a support community we've seen everything ABDL and have put information about ourselves here. So don't be afraid to open up about yourself at least a little bit. We'll be glad to help what we can. Just give us more info about what help you're seeking.

    But welcome, and we look forward to your input to this site!

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