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Thread: Your Personality

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    Lightbulb Your Personality

    I don't know if anyone's taken these tests before on here, but I think they're really interesting. I will post mine.

    You can make an account on - Personality Types and Multiple Intelligences Tests & Information for free and take the test, then customize it and post a badge on here.

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    I dunno, but I think I did this in the 8th grade for a science project

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    I took the personality one -- I don't remember what I got last time but this time it looks like I'm pretty solid ISTJ.

    Edit: No wonder Candyman rubs me the wrong way! We're total opposites! ...or is that supposed to be the other way around? I can't remember. Does 'opposites attract' apply in this situation? Eugh, this is making my head spin.

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    I always like stuff like's neat to see how different people are.

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    I've done tons of these before for school and stuff, my dad (psychologist), believes most of this is just bull, and I pretty much agree with him, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Often have been tested as ENTJ as well.

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    I have taken both of these tests before. I got something completely different on the personality test. Last time I got INTJ, and been as on the last test I did I found the questions realitively easy to answer, whereas in this one, I found there were lots of questions that I wanted to give both answers for, I would guess that is more accurate. I would also guess it is more accurate based on the descriptions and the supposed people like this. There were lots of people I feel real empathy for in the INTJ section, and almost no one in the ISTP section I was put in this time. The multiple intelligences looks pretty much the same as mine usually does.

    But I agree with Hypnotoad, these tests are just part of the human need to try to categorise, and I doubt how effective they really are.

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