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Thread: About to buy Diapers

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    Default About to buy Diapers

    I'm nervous as hell. I plan to purchase Abenas during a trip this Weekend and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I plan to practice some crazy stuff I've been fantasizing about for years and was wondering if anybody could offer really good advice. I'm 22, I'm on my own but very shy when it comes to people. I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety.

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    While it's never easy buying diapers first time, please remember that nobody really cares that you're buying diapers. It does sound like you've bought diapers before, so maybe that's not an issue?

    Abenas in a store sounds great. Hope you can get them.

    What ad vice do you really need? What to do with the diapers or how to buy them?

    Happy to help.....

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    What about buying online? If that isn't an option keep calm and pretend that you're buying something you always buy, like toothpaste. It may help to buy at a Walgreens or similar pharmacy store, and look for the older cashiers, it may help get rid of anxieties, it would for me.

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