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Thread: Ackward Question About Diaper

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    Default Ackward Question About Diaper

    (I'm trying to tread lightly based on the nature of the issue I am having):

    I can't help but get an erection when wearing my diaper, even if I have "relieved" myself prior.

    As a result, I am in constant pain, and I cannot get it to subside...

    This is making it very difficult to enjoy wearing my diaper...

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    All I can really tell you is to relieve the tension again, or do it the first time when you put the diaper on. I had the same issue when I was younger as well. The more often you wear and as you get older this "problem" will diminish.

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    Yes just like barkd74 said.

    But don't assume that this is going to happen right away. It took me about 2 or 3 months of wearing about once every other day and I think I had worn 24/4 for 3 weekends before there were noticable changes in the regularity of this "problem". And keep in mind that everyone is different so it may take just as much or way less time for you.

    Good luck with it and I hope it get solved sooner for you than it did for me

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    Nuisance erections are something that just about every male gets to deal with. But accompanied by pain? It may be time to visit a doctor. Erections shouldn't be painful by themselves. If, on the other hand, the pain is caused by your trying to "point down," my advice would be: Don't do that.

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    The pain comes from the increasing "hardness" of the erection. As the erection gets harder and harder, it begins to hurt.

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    I used to have this problem a little. Wearing more often, but also meditation or breathing exercises helps a lot. Clearing your mind will help reduce the context for arousal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyd View Post
    I used to have this problem a little. Wearing more often, but also meditation or breathing exercises helps a lot. Clearing your mind will help reduce the context for arousal.
    How frequently, on a day to day basis, are you "relieving" your erection? If you're doing it too often, you could be getting some pain when fully erect. That would be a sign that it's time for a break.

    If it's anything else or doesn't go away, see a doctor.

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    just keep dressing the salad every few hours and it should be fine, maybe add some oil to the salad beforehand to make sure more dressing is expelled, im in metaphorical hell, if you know what i mean .

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    If you do it too often in the diapers, it often will cause it to be painful when erect. Calming the mind down is usually more effective that fulfilling Mr. Willy's desires. Once wearing diapers becomes more common place, I find that its not as much of a big deal so you get less erect. When it is very prolonged periods of time before you put on a diaper, then that's part of it too. I used to wear very infrequently and had the problem, only calming and clearing the mind helped me at that stage of my DL life.

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    Point your meat up bro, that way it wont hurt, hopefully you are not so hard that even that hurts. It would also help to distract yourself from the diaper, like by playing video games.

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