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Thread: This is asked so much .

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    Default This is asked so much .

    Ok those of adisc this is for those looking for some one .
    How did those that have partners how did you get together with one another how did you do it.
    There are so many that dont know how to go about it.
    They ask how do I find a mommy or how do I find some one that will accept me.
    What worked for you.

    Me I'm a nice guy kind caring alway have been the one I live with let me be me .
    Diapers and all but wont baby me no hugs or cuddles .
    I'm with her because I'm nice .
    I was her friend for 6 years that's one key friends first and always.
    Then I told her the past and why I was the way I was ab stuff.
    She is ok with it . So I take care of her she me as best as we can she is just not the babying type but I can wear my stuff it's ok .

    Now for some that's ok I would like cuddles but it's the best so far.
    You may not find the perfect relationship at first but in time it can be in time.
    And yes it can fail easy . Don't push your partners need time to be ok with this some won't .

    Don't keep beating a dead horse. Go on to next person .
    Their must be something in it for your partners always she or he must be fulfilled too.
    Not all baby me . Do fun thing's together and yes stuff she likes too even if you don't.

    It takes work it's the little things you do for one another that makes it work .
    Your not going to change her she wont change who you are .
    If you think that then it's over as with so many relationship's.

    Keep it fresh every day is a must . No don't base it on sex if you both or one get board with the sex then you or they may wander for the grass on other side.

    Every one has a chance to needy and you fail too.
    Put you in her mind would you like a full time baby on your hands not many out there that will do that. A big turn off is girls on others sites get hit on like there meat by ab/dl's they run I would too.
    Mind your manners tell her how you love her every day and all things she does for you.
    Be the nice guy or girl your best hope.

    Then keep trying.
    Good luck .
    Now every one else turn what say you .

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    Part of it seems to be a question, and I think the answer is this. People fall in love and in that process, they begin to learn a great deal about each other. During that process, sexuality becomes part of the discussion. If the topic of being AB, DL or both is discussed, which eventually it should, there is either acceptance or not. Typically, if things work, one may be accepted but the other may not want to participate. For most, this becomes the working mechanism, the AB/DL being glad to at least being able to wear and use diapers at an appropriate time.

    The civilized world has changed because of the internet. There is such a greater exchange of information that we see more accepting individuals and even SOs who are willing to give it a try. If one wants to find a partner who will either tolerate or engage, one has to take risks by discussing.

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