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Thread: Happy Birthdt to me

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    Default Happy Birthdt to me

    Oh yeah It's my Birthday Uh-huh Uh-huh oh how long have you been standing there(akward silence ensues)

    hey everyone it's my birthday today. Another year olde.... near two de..... well anyway I'm so happy to still be alive on this beautiful day gonna have lots of fun while I can.

    I feel the anxiety of old age starting to creep up on me (thought this is the ssecond time Ive felt it) while im happy to be older a large portion of me want the reverse to happenMaybe in my lifetime the'yll find a way but until then time to party and have some fun.

    so when i was 6 to now i made a bucket list of the things would do when or before I was 100. a lot of thing went of the list or changed places and i always add to it every year.
    her it is.

    1. Find Neverland(still trying to find that one)
    2. get my first kiss
    3drive my first car
    4.become a celebrity
    5 goto my first night club
    6.become a king
    7.beat my sister at tae kwon doe
    8 Become the first real life super hero
    9 find a fairy
    10. make a comic
    11 become rich.
    12 kick my old enemies but
    13 make sure my brothers and sisters are always safe
    14make a clone
    15. find someone who looks like me.
    16. become the president.
    17. get my own house.
    18 make a video game
    19.get taller
    20. get a girlfriend or boyfriend.
    21make a universe.
    22. become number 1 in yugioh games
    23. go into a carton or game
    24 cure the world hunger
    25.lve my life with no regrets.
    26 only say no/yes for a day.
    27 make my sisters bald
    28.marry beyonce
    29 get a puppy
    30. get a cat
    31go to the east
    32 go to space
    33 make an android
    34. find out how to fly
    35 make a dragon
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    Giggles how many birthday spanks.
    Happy birthday we are lining up:-)

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    Happy birthday, tai. I hope you get to tick off everything on your bucket list, but, of them all, I think #25 is the most important one.


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    Ah....the ancient age of 19, or is it 20? Since you're aging rapidly with little time left, you better get working on building that android. Happy birthday!!!!!

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