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Thread: Heaviest Thickest Diapers

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    Default Heaviest Thickest Diapers

    What is the Thickest and Heaviest Diaper Around?

    I am a DL and wear diapers and plastic pants 7/24. I am still on the look out for the HEAVIEST & THICKEST diapers I can find. To date the best I came up with are the Abri-Form X-Plus and also the Bambino Diapers.

    The ATN diapers by Tranquility and also Tena's thickest diapers turned out to be rather a dissapointment and light in comparison.

    Is there a diaper that I could buy online from within Canada that would be heavier and thicker than all of the rest? I also prefer the plastic coating instead of the fabric coating.


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    I like how you're so blunt. Not even caring how overtly weird that was.

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    It's too bad you perceived me as being so blunt. I was simply being direct. If you perceive my question as "overtly weird" than so be it - I guess I'm overtly weird.

    Wait a minute...

    Let me see how it feels being overtly weird.... OH ... I don't think I feel any different. Well since I don't feel any different being overtly weird, than I guess I'll post the overtly weird response at the risk of being over-ultimatly weird.

    Wai a minute...Let me see how it feels being over-ultimatly weird.... OH ... I don't think I feel any different. Well since I don't feel any different being over-ultimatly weird, than I guess I'll post the over-ultimatly weird response at the risk of being utterly over-ultimatly weird.

    Wait a
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    We're a community site, so we tend to like to get to know people as well as help them with their problems. The former first.

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    Your pointing me in the direction os Wiki was a help thank you. Regarding the other poster's remark about introducing myself in the greetings forum....

    Although I would still hear what personal preferences others like myself have on diapers they think are the thickest.

    Well I am very new at this forum posting activity. I had no ill-intentions and am currently unaware of what protocol is used here. Ofcourse, as pointed out by another poster, I will be most pleased to go to the greetings forum and introduce myself there.

    Have a good day and don't let the little things during the run of a day upset you. Life really is much more fun and deserving than that.

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    the top three are Abena Xplus... Bambino and Dry24/7

    you could add extra pampers for a stuffer.. and really take the thickness overboard.

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