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    I need some advice on how to find a real mommy? Online doesn't make sense given my real life care needs.

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    Welcome we kinda need to know more about you.
    Finding a mommie can be hard but you have a few things going for you.
    So please give some back ground ok.
    Most Ab/Dl's are looking for some one not easy to find some one .
    The most important thing is be a nice guy .
    Let the relationship grow first then tell a little like you would like to try this.
    But respect her feeling's first.
    You must be friends first then you have a chance.
    It's a slow process takes time .
    Have you ever had a girl friend mabey we need to know that.
    I'm going to ask a question in a new thred.
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    Find a vanilla partner and introduce them to the AB/DL lifestyle

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    Given my needs and experiences (see my other posts or just ask) I know that one person can not provide the 24/7 care that I want and need. I have 4 regular caregivers now and a small group of fill in's. The lack of consistency and uniformity in my care is tiring. I am looking for someone who will help me become more babyish, more dependent and then enjoy caring for me. I work best with experienced caregivers, and an experienced mommy would be nice too

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