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Thread: Hello from a silly fellow DL ^_^

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    Default Hello from a silly fellow DL ^_^

    Hey guys, gals, furs, otherkin, time travelers, energy beings, and intergalactic racoons! (I got my bases covered, right?) I've been a lurker for awhile, but now I'm all padded up (a triple layer of girly goodnights) and ready to meet you guys. Pardon me if I'm not exactly as dry as when I started writing this thread. ^//^

    Hrm... I suppose I'm a bit more on the DL side of things, but I really love role play. I'm a bit into the silly stuff on 4chan/furaffinity. I guess I'm talking a bit too much about that side of my life though...

    I'm a gamer, kind of hipster, and I grew up in the 90's, so my Pokemon were the original 151. I listen to indie music not played on the radio, I wear t-shirts and sandals because suits look ridiculous... Love the outdoors, summertime, and am trying to build a time machine.

    So yeah, that's me, diapers and all. :3

    I'm hoping to meet some friends and learn more about my "hobby" that I can't learn by myself. You never know who you will run into on forums, either. Most of my oldest friends are from the Internet. I'd be happy to have friends that share my secret.

    Not gonna tell you where I live, but if anybody happens to magically be able to fix time machines and like smash bros and final fantasy, then maybe we'll wind up playing together irl someday. Padded, of course ^_^

    Cheers, guys~!

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    Welcome! Nice intro. You sound like a silly fellow!

    It is possible to meet so e good friends here. I know from personal experience. So good luck on that score. Do you ever get off the internet and do something away from it? What would that be?

    Look forward to seeing you around.

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    Welcome here Fellow fluffball :3 It's always nice with more members~ Hope you'll have an awesome time amongst us ^^

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    Heyas Rand - nice to see someone so down-to-earth and not crazy like me :P

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