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Thread: Tena Maxi Slip European

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    Hey y'all. Today I was pretty bedridden with photosensitivity and dizziness (I have MS). I currently wear pull ups 24/7 because I have an occasional accident a few times a month. It got me thinking.... on days like this I needed something that I could stay in bed all day and not have to worry about leaks if I have an accident.

    I recently got some money from my mom to get me through because the past month or two have been tough. I googled briefs and came upon Tena Maxi Slip European briefs. The sight was making a big deal about them, saying they're the best. Are they really that good?

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    I wouldn't go as far as saying they are the best(I haven't tried all diapers), but they are really really good.

    They fit like a charm, are thin enough to wear discretely, but can last nearly all day. They are certainly my favorite diapers, and best I ever whore.

    The new ones are cotton backed, have;t tried them yet, but plastic backed are still widely available.

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    They really are amazing. I was just amazed at how they hit pretty much all my requirements in a diaper, but would figure that they would turn it into cloth to ruin it. I've heard different reports of bad odor handling and sagging for the cloth backed ones. Get them while you can, though it can be a bit pricey for a case.

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    They are one of my favorite diapers. (the plastic backed ones) They are comfortable, fit well, very absorbent for how thin they are, and well made. For all day use you may also want to consider Dry 24/7. There are also some really good booster pads available from XP Medical and Bambino that can extend the capacity of both diapers.

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    So are they really good for laying on your side or on your belly?

    They said they were plastic backed. I hope they are! I don't want my mattress to smell like pee....

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    Plastic backed are still widely available and far from rare, so if they say they are plastic I would have no reason not to believe them. It is mostly noted, they are also still produced, there where some problems with the plastic/cotton outerlayers of the cotton backed variants of the Maxi and new Ultima, which didn't make them very popular as a quick replacement.

    The Tena maxi has tall, stretchy leak guards with are very well suited for lying down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixieperfect View Post
    So are they really good for laying on your side or on your belly?

    They said they were plastic backed. I hope they are! I don't want my mattress to smell like pee....
    I would invest in a few reusable bed pads for those just in case situations where the diaper may leak.

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    Moliecare super pluss and abena m4 original are good for all day ware.

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