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Thread: Any one out there like me?

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    Default Any one out there like me?

    So I thought I'd post what I do on an average day.....

    I'm off work at the moment so here goes.... I will put a tens slip maxi on when I get home and just wear it around the house, maybe to the shop if I need something quick but I'm always very carful long t shirt and baggy track suit bottoms......

    I sometimes wet them before I go to bed as we'll :-) my mrs knows and I live with her but when she has friends over I sometimes already have one on and walk about a bit so the noise comes out (plastic tens slip maxi) and bend over etc to see if they notice..... And I leave them on show in our room...... I don't have a clue what I would do if I was caught but I like the thrill if you know what I mean......

    The following day I will wake up mush it a bit shower and put another one one
    I don't wear properly out (shopping centre or family visits) that's the compromise I have with with girl friend I wear thongs at that point...

    However as soon as I'm home I put one one :-) it's the life :-)

    Sammy x

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    This morning I put on a Tena slip maxi under my uniform, hopped on my motorcycle and rode to work. I wore it all day at work until 2:30pm when I took it off (it was soaked!). I have been wearing more often at work because I want to wear a diaper (not so much for a thrill) but the "could be caught" thought is there. Some days I don't even wet it (till after lunch) and just enjoy wearing a diaper all day. At home I have kids who can hear the plastic crinkle sound or can some how figure out what I am wearing under my clothes (harder to hide from kids).

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    I love to wear in public but only in winter so i can cover up without being noticed!! i run a business and fear people finding out. when i go on vacation where no one knows me i let it show a little bit and notice the looks. I ware at home and had had one neighbor stop waving!!! I guess hes a peeper

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    I have only told 3 people..... The first was a girl that used to live down the road.... I new she was really into me so I tried to put her off by saying I wear nappies and it didn't work she sort of liked it..... In a caring way lol

    Second was another girl.... I really liked her but I got friend zoned quite bad lol she asked me to stay with her one night because of some trouble she had with an ex..... I said I don't stay round peoples houses because we'll.... I stalled for ages and then told her I wear them at night and she didn't even bat an eyelid lol still knows now and we still talk.... When I visit her I always nappy up :-)

    Second was my girlfriend :-)

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    If you're careful and especially, not omitting an odor, why not. If a tree falls in the forest and know one knows, then hey, no one knows. As for vacation, ........sounds like fun.

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    I put one on for work, change at lunch. One on for bed. I might go bare under my skirt a while at home or pad up otherwise but when I go out I am always padded and in a skirt.

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