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Thread: Need Help With Plastic Pants

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    Question Need Help With Plastic Pants

    I wear Any kind of nappy i can really (adult sized) Most mainly plastic backed, I was wondering....
    Out of curiosity..

    who wears plastic backed nappies..... AND Plastic pants??

    Should I get some? would it beneficial apart from the want of them...?

    I know plastic pants are good for Cloth nappies and fabric backed nappies...

    I want to get some but wanna ask if im 1 of FEW or 1 of MANY that wants to or does wear plastics with any nappy any time?

    Also If you could help...... im a 32" waist and want to get them from need help on sizing i think i may be medium...... would anyone with experience of this site and plastic pants sizing please help me?.......

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Hope your all well

    and thank you in advance

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    Pick one your in middle of size
    To small it wont cover and if you stretch it could tear out.
    To big your poofy and leaks out leg holes.
    Now if wearing thick nappy's they need to be a little poofy.
    Now you plastic backed nappy's so middle of size range ok .
    It will help with leaking .
    Plus you must consider low rise or high rise low rise concealed under clothing in day time .
    High rise nite time dosent matter so much.
    If your at top of size range next size up rule of thum.

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    im a 35 waist and bought the large from babypants they fit great and seam to stretch with what i wear under them!! I wear them incase i overwet the plastic pants catches it they as useless in bed at nitetime they leak threw the sides

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    I always wear plastic pants with my disposable nappies. They help a little with the occasional small leak but for me it's all about the feel and look and they help complete the 'package'

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    Personally, I don't own a pair of plastic pants (yet) partially due to the fact that I live with my mom and brothers in a very close proximity with thin walls, meaning we've all become accustomed to every little noise so a strange crinkle from just a disposable is noticeable. I like the prints and would like to be able to wear openly with some plastic, or maybe rubber, pants to prevent leaks, but I'm still quite discreet about it all.

    If you are looking for other places though,, as well as, has a few types of plastic pants. You could also try

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    The Gary pants i have found are the best, and get them from BabyPants because i have found the Gary pants are made different for each dealer.

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    I like the plastic pants from Baby Pants, especially the PEVA ones, because of their very loud crinkle. (Of course, this is a drawback if you want discretion!) I find that wearing plastic pants over a disposable at night can prevent small leaks while wetting in bed. They don't help if the diaper's capacity is exceeded.

    When you order plastic pants, always, always, always measure both your waist and your thigh circumference (measured at the top of your leg, where the elastic will go). Plastic pants that fit your waist may be too small for your thighs, and if they are too small for your thighs, they will hurt. If you're on the fence between two sizes, order the larger one.

    Don't be afraid to order a size that sounds large if it is the size that fits your measurements. I normally wear size M or size L clothing, but I wear 2XL plastic pants, since I have large thighs relative to my waist, and since the PEVA pants I like run small.

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    I will wear plastic pants on occasions that my disposal is near its max capacity and I want to keep wearing them a bit longer before my diaper time has ended. By themselves they are only good for minor leaks. Lined plastic pants will offer more protection. Another option is use a pul pocket diaper such as the ones offered by Dependeco.

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