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    So, has anyone here had an actual accident and were glad they were padded, and who has had an accident and wished they were?

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    I had the house to myself one weekend. This was one of the rare occasions I could get some diapers and use them comfortably.

    I wore one to bed, but didn't use it. I was up early, and was busting for my morning pee. My plan was to make a coffee and go outside and sit down, and enjoy wetting it slowly.

    As I was waiting for the kettle to boil, the urge for the classic morning fart hit me. I was determined to not wet the nappy until I was ready, so I held myself in the front, bent over and pushed a bit, and managed to release the gas without dribbling.

    I straightened up and proceeded to pour my coffee. As I started towards the door, with no warning whatsoever, I suddenly messed myself. A lot.

    The shock made me pee as well.

    It was unplanned, unexpected, and unpleasant. I was very glad that I had a nappy on then.

    The clean up was horrible

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    I think most of us have had that happen, at least once or twice...

    Ever eat something that just didn't settle with your gut very well, and you get that "clunk" feeling in your bowels, and know the inevitable is about to happen and FAST!!!?
    Yup, Chinese food, and I am guessing it was the Soya sauce that set me off, but 5 minutes into the drive home from the restaurant, and my guts drop, and you know the rest. There was NO stopping it, I tried! It was a heck of a mess, and gagged me when I got into the shower, with the used undergarment in the double knotted double bagged garbage. Lesson learned, cut down on the soya sauce!

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