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Thread: Diaper Disposal

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    I live in a place with 4 people and no one knows about me wearing diapers I share a room and a bathroom with my brother now I wet the bed a lot almost every night and I usually keep my diapers in a black leather case under my bathroom sink it usually stinks up the place so I have to spray axe or something to mask it I do not have access them or want to use them my brother leaves the house before me sometimes my parents sometimes use my bathroom or clean it just out of no where does anyone have any suggestions how to get rid of my dirty diapers

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    Use something airtight. Plastic garbage bags are the simplest solution. I have a diaper genie.

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    I have a large plastic coffee can under my sink. Does not hold as much, but it is more discreet than a pail. Could be lined with a shopping bag and sprinkled with baking soda. I have water and alcohol free mouth wash in mine since it is for cloth.

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    Cloth goes in a wet airtight bucket and disposables just go in the kitchen trash

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    Get a glade stickup put it in case dubble bag diapers or use sented kitchen trash bags ziplock bags hold smell in too.
    That should do it.

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    If they aren't huge diapers, I've used these handy arm and hammer scented diaper bags (they are the same as ones for doggy duty, sometimes the dog ones are cheaper but both fit in the same small dispenser thing). There is a handy hook mechanism that I suppose is for strollers or something. I've also used quart size ziplock bags before as well.

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    Typical shopping bags from Walmart or a grocery store should do the trick, especially if you double-wrap it (I mean bagging every diaper, not just using them as a trash bag). If it still smells, then you can double-bag it, put it in a ziploc bag, or just throw it away. Either that or you're...
    *Doing more than peeing them
    *Not hydrated enough
    *Keeping them laying around for too long.

    Also, I don't wanna be a grammar nazi, but if you could at least use punctuation, it would be a lot easier to understand you and therefore help you. Cheers!

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    1. drink more water. More water will make urine stink far less.
    2. plastic bags you get at grocery stores. 1-2 are good for disposing a used diaper.
    3. drop the diaper in the trash can/dumpster outside then throw other trash atop of it if you want to be more paranoid about it.

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    Has anybody any experience with Sangenic style things? Boots market one specifically for incontinence stuff but I wonder if it's any different to the baby ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overnight View Post
    Has anybody any experience with Sangenic style things? Boots market one specifically for incontinence stuff but I wonder if it's any different to the baby ones?
    Looks like the old diaper genie that you had to spin. The newer one just uses a continuous bag and a double closure (one door pinches the bag shut while the lid seals over the top.
    The DiaperGenie works fine for adult diapers.

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