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    Default New Baby Kitty

    Hi, just a baby kitty new to the sitez happy to meet other diaper fans ^^

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    Welcome to Adisc. Tell us a bit about yourself why not?
    Favorite game? Movie? TV Show? What do you like to do for fun. Going to school?

    Funny, you have the same name as my fur brother. Hmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorakitten View Post
    Hi, just a baby kitty new to the sitez happy to meet other diaper fans ^^
    Welcome to ADISC, where the diapers are sort of an afterthought and the community rocks.
    So, I see you like gaming, what sorts of games do you play?

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    I second the members above, would you like to tell us a little more about yourself? I see in your profile you like swimming, I just learned to this year. And I'm a babyfur as well.

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