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    This evening I have discovered that IC is widespread for people with Cerebral Palsy. I'm 27 and until this evening, I always felt ashamed for my IC problems because no one had explained to me that it's related to my disability. And this evening I discussed with my Mommy about that and she explained that I mustn't be ashamed because a lot of people with my disability have IC problems. I did some internet researches and it's true!!
    She "save" me and I don't feel guilty anymore to wetting my pants!!
    So now, i'm a bit IC and I now why! It's great!!
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    did you ever talk about incontinence with your doctor? it must be so frustrating to go through that not knowing what causes it.

    I have muscular dystrophy and there were doctors that told me that MD doesn't cause incontinence, it just causes problems with movement to the point where you can't toilet yourself. Then I started having pelvic floor muscle issues and I went to a different doctor who did diagnose me with urinary & bowel incontinence. but going through all that testing is super annoying.

    do you have a support network of other people with CP? it might help to go to an online group at the very least.

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    I see doctors since my childhood because of my disability but no one tells me that it could be related to it. Some doctor have seen that my underwear was wet sometimes but I always said "No, it's nthing it's unusual and it's just an accident" because I though it was only my fault and no one said "you know it can be related with your disability and maybe it's not your fault".
    Yes I have friends with CP but no one have IC problems, so it was very great to discover that coulp be exist a link between it.

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