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Thread: Is Taylor Swift an ab/dl?

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    I'd say she's just being her usual cute self. Nice legs!

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    That is more of a throw back outfit from the late 60's early 70's from what I remember.

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    I don't know why anyone asks these questions. We don't have special mind reading powers to tell who is AB/DL anymore than you do.

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    Rompers are popular in Australia for women in their 20's.

    I don't take that to think all the 20 year old girls are expressing how babyish they are though. It's just fashion!

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    With those pics I'd be more concerned she was a mannequin.

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    I think the first line of the article sums it up "The VMAS are all about having fun with fashion." I don't think it means anything if she wore something like it again in the futur I might start asking questions but for the moment I'm just going to assume she wanted to show some leg. that being said mmmmmmmmmmmmm gurl dem legs.

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    We had this thread a very long time ago and the answer was that it is impossible for anyone to tell, but it's most likely just her being a dumb bimbo as per usual and using words and dressing in appearal when she doesn't know what it may imply.

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