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    Default The New Doctor?

    How do you all feel about the new doctor so far? I like Peter. He seems to be more serious, and more terrifying. The new Tardis looks amazing too.

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    I've just seen a little of the new Doctor, so it's going to take me a while. They have taken a new direction and it may work out well. Shows can get old after several seasons. Dr. Who is one of those very different shows where they have replaced their lead a number of times. It's always good writing and that's important.

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    Right, my thoughts:

    Capaldi is great for the role, and he took it in a direction it needed to go a bit. I'm excited to see more of what he can make of the Twelfth Doctor.

    Steven Moffat is a decent writer but a shit showrunner, and this episode did not shake me of that opinion. Borrowing a Tennant episode is one thing. I mean, new Doctor, the same struggles to get up to speed, running with it works. But, if Moffat's setting up another story arc with a bunch of coincidences turning into a major thing, well, you can only fish from the same pond for so long. The bit with Heaven at the end was kinda weird, and I felt like it was basically trying to set up another Bad Wolf or Crack-in-the-wall storyline.

    Capaldi, though, wow, I'm having flashbacks to Eccleston's Ninth Doctor! There's a great mix of humor, brooding, and kick-assitude. Tenant's Tenth was great with emotional moments. Smith's Eleventh was good with irreverent humor in the face of crazy. Capaldi, I think, will bring a breath of fresh air to the character of the Doctor. And dare I say, there were a few moments in the beginning when one had to ask if the Doctor was going to get his shit together. Something Steven Moffat's run with the show has lacked was a sense of danger for the Doctor. Eleventh Doctor was basically a kick-ass swashbuckling action hero, and I never felt as though he was in danger. It made the show damn near unwatchable at times. I hope that Capaldi can help convey that sense of danger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    the new season start already?
    BBC America aired it tonight starting at 8:15 p.m. Eastern.

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    ok, just watched it.

    Imo, the show is always a little awkward after a new doctor starts; but they get better as they go.
    ...I remember disliking matt smith at first, but he grew on me.

    so, imma give this doctor some rope.

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    Each new doctor needs to adjust, as do fans. Even in the beginning the doctor was overly abrasive, and we all love the show now. I'm reserving judgment for now, but Moffet could use fresh air.

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    I had high hopes for this... probably higher than I should since I absolutely cannot stand Moffets work on Doctor Who.

    As with all the Moffet/Matt Smith run the stories have an abundance of slapstick and general goofiness and an overarching persecution complex that for some reason can't "pay the bill" when it comes to the big reveal.

    Capaldis performance is obviously what the director wanted but I was embarrassed for him playing such a weak, needy second to Claras 30 year old teenager personality. My bet is give it a couple of years and Capaldi will be on record saying how he took any job just to pay the bills and barely even remembers what the show was about.

    IMO this is a lower point in Doctor Who history than Colin Bakers outfit and Paul McGann becoming half human combined.

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