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  • 1 year-2 years

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Thread: POLL: When is the right time to tell your SO?

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    Default POLL: When is the right time to tell your SO?

    Here's hoping I can get this whole poll thing figured out.

    I've been in a relationship about 3.5 months and am starting to think seriously about telling my girlfriend about my AB/DL side. My doc thinks it's still a bit early--so we both thought it would be a good idea to see if there's a consensus on "how long" is the right time. Keep in mind that we're pretty serious but the relationship is still young and talk of a ring likely will not come for quite some time.

    So with that said--at what stage in the relationship did those of you who have told your SO's tell them? Three months? Three days? Two weeks? Two years? How did it go?

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    I've told my girlfriends pretty early on in the relationships before the three month mark for all of them I've even told some one night stands, I think it's honestly to do with confidence men are far more likely to have a fetish than women are. Meaning most girls who have had adult relationships have probably been asked to do something they didn't have any desire to do, even without fetishes how many girls do you think love giving head or doing anal but do it anyway?

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    I stopped when I met my wife and we got married.

    I thought I was over the whole AB/DL thing and then it came roaring back after 8 years. Once I got on this sight and started seeing a therapist about it I told her. So actually it was about 3 months that I hid things from her.

    However, Communication is the most important element to any healthy relationship.

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    I'm another other. Like egor I got married and thought I could put the desires away, and like egor, they came back with a roar in about 8 years of marriage. This went on for many years, me wearing diapers on my day off, one which did not coincide with my wife. Eventually I had to tell her when she found a diaper order on Amazon. She was very accepting so things worked out, but I don't think I would have ever told her had I not got caught.

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    I voted 'other'.

    I think it depends on the situation and seriousness of the relationship. Definitely before a proposal. My guess would be about 2 to 4 months before you propose.

    If you are on the receiving end of a proposal, then shortly after the proposal.

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    Ok every one is different only you now your mate to be.
    The thing is how you tell her or him .

    The problem is when we are young we are told diapers are for baby's they are bad.
    That is drummed into our head's from pottie training and all the time what are you a baby don't you want to be a big boy or girl.
    You have a lot of programming to over come that's the hard part.

    Now get your info together but a little at a time to much is not good .
    I guess a good place to start is how it started if you were a bed wetter or in my case accidents wetting my pants.
    Then the feelings I get wearing them in my case comfort safe feeling calming .
    For me its brings a time I was happy . We all do something that makes us feel good.
    Some eat or spend money make things. Some play with there hair chew nails .
    We are kind of amazing how we as kids come up with things to comfort us.
    It just become's sexual at puberty and you know us guys rember the first time the trigger thats set at that time.
    It's programed into us for thousands of years we are it enjoy sex and make babys well the trigger for some is diaper's .
    Well diapers are mine this started in 1st or 2nd grade when mom put me back into diapers.

    There is no fixing it it's a part of me that's the hard part of it all.
    Communication is the key if they love you then you have a Chance .
    But take it slow do not push ever .
    The relationship needs to be strong to last.
    Only you know when its right.
    You must make her feel special so very important.

    We must not if she is ok with the diaper thing force her or him it to doing it all the time or all our wants and not lisson to there feelings you must always
    You don't want to push them away .
    Good luck.

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    I told both of my boyfriends relatively early on in the relationship, for two reasons. One, if I didn't do it early, I wouldn't. When the relationship's still young, I feel like there's less to lose if they freak out. Two, if they freak out, that's not someone I want to be in a relationship with anyways. I like open-minded people, and personally, as long as you aren't hurting someone and it's all consensual, I don't see a problem. I just couldn't be with someone who was racist, sexist, slut-shaming, kink-shaming, etc; I try and make myself approachable if someone has something they need to talk about, and a person around like that would send the wrong message.

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    I'm an outlier on this one, since I met my partner at a gay leather bar. I can't remember whether I told him I was ABDL the night we met or during our first date. Given the context in which we met, it would have been weird not to disclose all of my major kinks (the headlines, if not the details) within the first week.

    I'm not qualified to give advice to advice to straight people on this issue, but I will repeat what an older ABDL once said to me: "You gotta own it to sell it." You are more likely to get a good reaction when you disclose your ABDL-hood if you feel good about your ABDL-hood.

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    My boyfriend told me he likes to wear diapers about 2-3 months into our relationship. We had our what is your biggest secret talk. We didn't do much with it until another month or so later when I asked him to wear one and I wanted to see. He looked so darn cute. I believe the next day, I asked him to put one on me. I am supportive of him and I partake once in awhile.

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    Like many have said already, communication is key to any relationship. From my past experiences I believe it is better to tell sooner rather than later. I told my girlfriend maybe about a year and a half into our relationship. Before this ive always acted kinda "childish" i guess. She wasnt and still is not very accepting of it and she says she probably would have been more accepting if I told her about it sooner. The thing is my personality, im just very shy and I usually keep to myself and im quiet. So for me it was very hard to bring the topic up. Ya sure she was my significant other and all but the way I felt and my personality it was just soo darn hard. Im sure some people may also be similar to me or my situation, looking back on it my advice would to discuss this topic early on.

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