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    Default Came back

    OMG it has actualy been YEARS since I last used this site...
    I guess time realy does fly by eh?

    But now that I'm back I'm hoping it's for a while now, since my last account was made useless when the age restriction was applied (and I actualy use my real birth date on forums).

    But now that I'm back I'm sad to see that either I don't remember everyone I used to talk to or they became inactive over a year ago...

    But hey, new acc, new start...

    So I probably should reintroduce myself
    Name's Melon (well thats what I've been using for a few years now), 19 years old guitarist and 3D artist (worst decision in my life... remember, NEVER make a job out of something you love, because that all that it will become, a job).
    I'm a DL, a brony and a diaperfur.
    Most of the things I do consist of sleep, games, work or just chilling on the computer listening to some music, or on rare ocasions when I get an order I do some computer case moding.

    I'm generaly a really social person so if anyone wants to talk to me or ask something I'm usualy the last person to say no.
    Hope to get to talk to all of you, meet new people and maybe find some of the old ones I knew

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    Hi Melon and welcome back. I'm sure I was here when you were. You're right, a lot of member have come and gone, but a few of us are still around. I'm glad you returned.

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    Yeah I think I remember seeing you around quite a lot yes
    And I'm glad to be back too, been waaay too long, so here's to hoping life doset drag me away again.

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    Welcome back...jealous because I would love to be a better guitarist...I suck at it, but the desire is there.

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