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Thread: diapers and that time of the month

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    Default diapers and that time of the month

    Ladies, what do you do when you're in diapers 24/7 and your cycle comes?

    I'm incontinent and can't change myself so it's usually done by my husband, my mom, home care nurses and staff at an adult care center. My husband has a really hard time getting stains out of the cloth diapers so he usually put s me in disposable sy home. But disposables are meant for absorbing pee and piop not menstrual blood.

    Has anyone tried the diva cup or something similar? I tried tampons but the way my husband inserted then was uncomfortable... Men :-/

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    I don't wear 24/7 nor am I incontinent, but I have tried wearing a diaper during my period and really had no problem with it. Granted, however, I was wearing mostly at night when my period dwindles to almost nothing.

    I'd say that as long as your period isn't very heavy you could just wear the diapers, but would probably have to change more frequently. I guess you'd just have to try it and see.

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    Can't reply as a woman but my missus wears when she has her period as she prefers nappies to pads or tampons and doesn't seem to have any issues with it, but it's disposables so there isn't the need for cleaning.

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    what kind of disposables to you wear (or your wives)? i wonder if certain types of disposables are better for periods than others.

    the ones i wear are molicare and abena

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    All sorts same as you molicare and Abena, also Lille Classic and recently comficare. There hasn't been any problems with any of them but I'm afraid you'll have to excuse my ignorance of flow rate etc

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    A large disposable liner in your cloth diaper might be a good idea.

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    I just tried it with a baby diaper inside my underwear, but obviously that's not going to work for someone's who's incontinent and needs a high-quality diaper.

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    I have no issues with disposable diapers catching blood. I used to use the diva cup before diapers but now just a diposeable or cloth with a liner. I sometimes use the lint free cleaning cloths that are blue and white. I get at dollar tree 8 for a dollar. They are very comfortable liners, but not sure how that compares to others as far as price. My disposeable liners are 11 cents for lg pads (Goodwill) and 13 cents for size 3 diapers (Aldis). The blue cloths come in around 13 cents as well with my price (Family Dollar).

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    Goodnites are pretty good at catching blood but blood tends to be concentrated on the front and middle.

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