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Thread: Diaperball Z

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    xD im not sure what i just watched, kinda confused

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    woah, woah, that was a hotdiggitydemon video? What on earth is he doing venturing into this territory?

    @Puffs: it's a parody. Though he usually just does assorted My Little Pony parody and he's dropped consistent hints that he at least knows his source material incredibly well, though it's not clear what he thinks about the people that he parodies. But this one, I don't even know why he's wading into both diapers and DBZ.

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    I thought it was funny, that and now, I want to wear a diaper.

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    Honestly, Hotdiggedydemon did awesome videos and now he makes random videos, this was a complete shock yesterday and it was something I had to share to ADISC

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    When I saw this video, I was so surprised to find that Hotdiggedydemon (Max G.) made this. I would have never guessed. It's so nice to see a new animation by him and even more so to see him making a video dealing with diapers. I love his other videos especially the Pony. MOV series and Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz.

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    Not a Dragonbalz fan or really know anything about the series, but nice share an kudos to the creator.

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    Wow, I'm surprised hotdiggedydemon made this.

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    This has been staring at me for a few visits to Youtube but I never expected it to turn out like that. Usually HDD's stuff doesn't end with a moral. At all. Ever. Even when it comes close, he train wrecks the moral. Makes you wonder.

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