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    First off, has anyone tried the All In One they have (or had, hopefully have) on B2G1? I'm looking into cloth so I can keep costs down, but I'd really like an AIO if possible. Anyway, what I wanna know is, how thick are Incon's AIO's? Are they similar to disposables (Abena-ish) or are they super thick?

    Also, Ive heard mixed reviews on AIO's. So, to sum up what I'm looking for, is there a discreet cloth that will hold comparable to higher end disposables, especially a reliable AIO?

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    Cloth will always be thicker than disposables. However, I've never tried the diapers. I use pre-folds with Snappi fasteners. Works fairly easy, and they work effectively. AIOs are easier to with by a little bit, but the fabric well outlast the waterproof barrier.

    Being thicker doesn't mean they will absorb as much. There haven't been any real tests to reveal the capacities, but they will have some sort of capacity.

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    Thanks for the reply. But tbh I'm hoping they're not thick but still decent absorbency. Long story short, I'd like something that won't cost me 80+ bucks a month, wearable in public, but absorbent enough to actually use. But yeah, that's what I've heard about AIO; how long does the waterproof barrier last on average?

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