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    are libero size 7 bigger than pampers baby dry size 6. or an other baby diaper. I've pampers baby dry and they are good but i want to know if there are any other baby diapers out there that are bigger than baby dry.

    also I wanted to know how long is a libero size 7 in lenght.

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    Can't tell you the length, but I can share my experience with Libero Size 7's: They fit up to 30-32" hips. They do not stretch as much as Pampers, but they hold a LOT more!

    Overall, a very pleasing diaper. Especially given that the front side tabs are stronger than pampers, they can fit quite comfortably for hours!

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    The biggest "baby" diaper available is GOO.N Bigger than big. You can did them on eBay every once in a while or you have to import them from Japan.

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    Why are we comparing size 6 pampers to libero size 7? why not size 7 pampers? I order then from amazon all the time. And for me the libero are an import. Has anyone compared both in the size 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    The biggest "baby" diaper available is GOO.N Bigger than big. You can did them on eBay every once in a while or you have to import them from Japan.
    I found my way to the Japanese website for those diapers and am rather confused. So they're basically like baby diapers but in an adult size? An adult diaper marketed directly by the maker of baby diapers?

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    According to the description they go up to 35kg which is 77 Lbs or waist size 70 cm which is 271/2 inches. So technically that falls in the range of youth size. It maybe possible to pre stretch them to make them fit a larger size. I have about a 30" waist, skinny legs and small rear end. Personally I can stretch Luvs, Huggies Pampers 6/7 to fasten and make them fit me, though it's not a great fit. I have been curious about these diapers for several years now but have not paid the high eBay or import prices to try them. There was an article about them called "japan messes up potty training" or something like that floating around the net for several years but I was unable to find a link.

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