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Thread: the difference between bi curious and bi sexual?

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    Default the difference between bi curious and bi sexual?

    so im pretty open about my sexuality! i am a male and the only attraction i have towards certain guys is there face. i am very picky and want to find a guy that i can kiss. im almost positive i would like it because i have these thoughts very often and i talk about it with a friend pretty often now! (i hope he doesnt think i want to kiss him, haha!) but im just curious if that would be bi curious or bi sexual i know labeling things can be a bad thing sometimes but i just want to know so if i was to explain it to a friend i could be like yea im Bi "whatever" but i only like to kiss guys. and another thing i dont believe in guy or girl fashion if you like it and it looks good then wear it :p idk if i would consider myself transgender either :p although i do think it would be pretty sick to have a "Vagina", look how intense those orgasms look like seriously! i have come to accept my male parts and i like them very much, i am fit and love my body

    excuse my sexual language :$

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    Are you attracted to girls? Are you interested in more than kissing with other guys? From your comment about transgender thoughts, I would guess you're still searching for a sexual identity. I don't think you should label yourself at this point. I would say you're bi-curious--you might not enjoy the kiss at all and discover you're mostly straight. I think we're all on a scale of 1 - 10 regarding our sexual identity anyway. Very few are all one or all the other. You're young yet. Don't label yourself into a box.

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    Hey Tremer. Reading this post, I see quite a lot of myself in there actually. ^^ Not all of us fit into a easy to define sexual orientation. There's a lot of stuff we think and a lot of stuff we feel and when you blend it all together it can be pretty complicated.

    See, the thing about labels is that there's a time and a place for them. You'll hear people say that "we don't need to label everything" often in the context of people who are just trying to figure out what their sexual orientation is. In truth, you shouldn't ever feel a need to define your sexuality to yourself in a single phrase. Like I said, it can be pretty complex and trying to catagorize yourself just makes things confusing. However, you do need to be able to express your sexuality to others without having to write a speech. The labels have gained a lot more depth in recent times for this exact reasons. I would reccomend looking this up yourself if you're interested. You could say for example that you are hetero-sexual but bi-romantic. Although personally I think it's a lot easier just to say "I'm kinda questioning" or "I like girls, and I'm unsure about guys".

    Anyway though, with that aside I'll just say good luck with all of your sexual and romantic endeavours! Just make sure you avoid leading on someone who wants something that you don't. :P

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    I'm bi and I don't really know what the difference is between bi and bi-curious. My guess is that those who would label themselves bi-curious are less sure about their sexual orientation than those who would call themselves bi. Bi means you know you are attracted to both sexes, male and female. Bi-curious suggests doubt and exploration. I believe Butters from South Park is bi-curious. I'm sure that helps.

    As for me and being bi, I'm more sexually attracted to males, and romantically to women, though that would also include sexual attraction as well.

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