It seems I post when I drink, so be it... It's really the only time I can get my thoughts in order. I'am ADHDish and that's how I am. Anyways. Today seems like a lazy day for me just to be pampered and lounge around the house. Kinda hot today so I don't wanna break a sweat. Drinking cold ones and letting my mind wonder. I'm getting low on pampers. After this pack I only have one 12 pack left. Hahaha. They are wings choice. To me there not a good quality but will hold more than depends so it's not the bottom of the barrel diaper lol. All tho these smalls almost don't fit. I gotta stretch the plastic a little to get the bottom tape to fit around(2 tapes on each side) just so you... They really remind me of when I was a kid and I'd steal my little cousins diapers when they'd comeover. Dam I miss the early 90's. anytime before 93 lol. Nintendo, dart guns, annoying friends sisters with my dumbness lol. The good Ol days. Anyways I'm just rambling now so I'll end this. Cheers people. Good day!!!