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Thread: Age Play with Alts

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    Question Age Play with Alts

    prob need lawyer here cuz really concerned and confused.

    point a) i recognize self as 6 yr old
    point b) hypersexual being
    point c) did i mention everyone else refers to me as a kid?

    point a) the body is 33, complete with B.C. and license
    point b) my daddy is (okay not my daddy but my mommys boyfriend) is also 33
    point c) no one ever wants to play with me cuz im a risk for opening an investigation into their lives and branding them a bad person despite body age

    i dun wanna get my daddy in trouble. i love him lots cuz hes good to me, and for WAY more than the sex hes good and sweet and kind and gentle and smart and he helps us with triggers and flips and keeps us grounded and stops ideations and even makes us control how much we drink which is good cuz mommy and auntie britt are both pretty heavy on the rum lots and aijen loves his moonshine (muskadine of course) and peytr loves his vodka (deadly to mommy, but he can drink it just fine, go figure, he puts everyone else under the table) but yeah daddys the best daddy ever and i like playin with him both sexy times and non, but i dun wannna cause no problems.

    given body age, is this a legal catasstofee or should all systems be go?:

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    Are all parties involved over 18? If yes, then you are set to do whatever you feel like. But no one on this site is a lawyer or should be giving you legal advice, nor should you accept any legal advice from anyone online claiming to be a lawyer.

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    Well, even if all parties are > 18, the issue is the ability to give consent. Now I don't know how DID would figure into that (ie how can you prove who was fronting at a particular time), and even if every personality was able to consent you also have the issue of diminished capacity due to use of substance. This would probably be different between states too because each state would have its own laws.


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