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    Hi babysam84! Welcome to the group! Since we all kinda know each other here, can you tell us more about yourself? I see you do stained glass - How did you get into that? That's a rare art from what I understand.

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    I started when i was young. It's fun to do but it takes a long time to do it.

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    So I hear! Do you do windows in public buildings?

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    Stained glass does sound pretty interesting. I'm already a hobby junkie with too many hobbies to juggle as it is, but that never stopped me from adding another one! How did you get into doing stained glass?

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    Hi, and welcome. I also did some stained glass making a few years back and have a lot of the tools and equipment. But I don't have a place to do it and don't want to work with lead fumes, etc., until I do, as I have grand kids running around. And I'm also into woodworking and like to fish. What kind of woodworking do you do? I would do more, but don't have a shop since I moved to get all my tools out.

    I was born in Michigan and lived there 2/3 of my life. Are you a "Yooper" or a "troll"? I'm a troll.

    I see you joined a while ago and have now introduced yourself. It gets easier. I know how difficult it is, but we don't bite (except for those AB's who are teething, ha ha). So feel free to share more of yourself, your thoughts and your questions! Welcome"

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    My great uncle did stained glass work. It was beautiful but he destroyed most of his work because he never thought it was good enough.

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    Hi and welcome, I'm a sucker for stained glass, so cool!

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    Ahoy dar Michigander,

    I too hail from Michigan. Yooperland, USA to be more specific.

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