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    I'm looking for a plastic backed diaper with good absorbency and that also has the stretchy waistband like a depends fitted brief. So far I've tried Wellness briefs,ATN's, and those M4's. I have a 29inch waist and am thin.

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    Dry247 has double elastic on their briefs. Its what i use and they are great. They run really big on sizes so i think you might be small. Im a 33 waist and the medium is just a little big for me

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    Sorry, I don't have any recommendations myself, but you should probably avoid ABU because they have a shady background.

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    You mentioned Wellness Briefs but didn't say anything about their Superios. I was going to suggest those but after checking, I see they don't have an elastic waistband. Otherwise, I find them to be a pretty good diaper, so if you haven't tried them, you might still consider them. As far as something that meets all the conditions you describe, I think you might have to step up to Bambinos or Dry 24/7.

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    I've tried bambinos and they fit me weird. Smalls and mediums . I'm gonna look into the dry 24/7 for sure. Thanks guys

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    Over all for your size and performance Dry 24/7 is the only diaper that meets your criteria. Abena used to have elastic waistband but dropped it a number of years ago. Bambino used to come in small but those are no longer available either. Tens slip maxi has a rear waistband and good performance for a small diaper. Wellness Superio does not have elastic waistband, but outstanding performance and a great fit for us smaller guys.

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    Personally the plastic backed diaper of choice for me is Superio's, though lacks the waistband. Bambino fit awkwardly on a lot of folks, but it might not be too bad for 29" waist. Tena slip maxi probably would be your best bet, but they are retiring their plastic backed line.

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    I tried the original wellness brief when I 1st heard of them like 2 years ago. They can hold alot but they swell up so badly that you'd have to wear a onesie or actual underwear briefs to help keep them up. Talk about waddling... What do a pack of 24/7's go for and where do you get them from? I'm in Cali if that makes a difference!! I been to this store out in Anaheim (wellness store) they sell wellness there and have many plastic backed diapers there. Great store but to far for me to drive on a regular basis. Well worth stopping by if I'm out that way and got cash to spend. Which isn't often

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    If you go with the Tena's I have a 30" waist weigh 133 Lbs and 5'8". The smalls while they fit are a little tight, it I love the fit of the mediums and just ordered one more case while they are available.

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    One thing to note, is that the original wellness briefs now often times have pinholes. I've emailed them about it, they said if its an issue, then use their Superios. They were a great diaper a few years ago, but then they switched to a much louder plastic with pin holes that leaks worse than depends sometimes.

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