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Thread: New person-ness

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    Default New person-ness

    Call me Nutmeg.
    I'm introducing myself.
    I'm female, lesbian, and have a girlfriend.
    I'm not sharing tooo many personal details, just because I don't want found out.
    She doesn't approve of the things I'm into, calling infantilism "weird." Yes, it did crop up in conversation, we watched a television show that touched on it.
    I'm in college. Yep.

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    That was a very interesting opening message! Hah, just kidding. But seriously, welcome, and if you need some help, don't be afraid to holler at someone. We're friendly... most of us...

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    Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

    About your gf, how much of this does she actually know about. Without all of the information, this is a very strange and disturbing thing. but if all of the facts are known, people tend to worry less about it and hold at least a low level of acceptance.

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    Thank you, both of you. I'd like to get to know people better, and read around, ect. Takes a while for me to trust. O.O

    But she knows the basics. CSI ran a show on it one time. She has a very negative view on it, and while she's open minded, she's not THAT open minded.

    She's got a limited knowledge though, just what it's basically all about, but she doesn't get the meaning or anything behind it.

    I don't think explaining it would go over well, sadly enough.

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