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Thread: 11 Unusual Uses for Diapers

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    Reminds me of one time I saw something about adding the sap/filling into potting mix to hold water.

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    I am an airbrush artist. When you want to switch colors in your brush or you're done for the day, you have to spray what is left out and then put a little water in and spray that. Well a company makes a little thing about the size of an oatmeal box with a hole in the top where you can direct your nozzle when you are cleaning out the brush. After using it for about a year, I decided to open it up. The absorbant material....a baby diaper. One oatmeal box and a package of a dozen infant diapers will last you a lifetime.

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    Ren and Stimpy: Shaving Yak Day!

    Remember that?

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    The tips are good. Question: is the SAP an acrylic? If so, could nail polish remover or acetone break it down?

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    This is interesting... maybe one of these 'unusual uses' will give me a reason to have diapers in the house.

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    I'm trying to imagine sitting next to someone on the bus/train/public transit that pulls out a diaper to dry their armpits. LOL cool stuff though.

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    I used one this morning to soak up an energy drink that spilled in the back of my car.

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    SAP (main ingredient in most diapers) in general has a lot of good uses, so just about anything you'd use SAP for you can probably trick a diaper into doing.

    Random example:
    When I was in school, our chemistry lab had a bunch of bags stuffed in a bin in the corner. They were filled with SAP and kinda looked like miniature pillows. They were there in case of a chemical spill (only to be used if it was safe to do so of course). Diapers would probably perform just as well.

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    Disclaimer: None of these uses are good cover-ups if your infatilism secret is found out.

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