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    I use to have Tokay Geckos for a long time. But when I move up in the mountains they died due to a real cold draft from my door in the Winter time. The temp would drop around 45 F to 50 F. It did not matter what I did. Tape Cloth and other things it was cold.

    Well in September They are going to fix my door. We found out it was not a fire proof door or something like that and it was not the right size for the frame. I could put my fingers between the door frame and door.

    Today I found someone selling a 100 gal tank with two Bearded dragons. Both name Tom and Jerry. All for $300. The Bearded Dragons will like my room setup because I also have a Hydroponics grow setup which stays at 75 F to 80 F so they will have a little room to run around besides the tank. What funny the Bearded dragons love fruit and veggies as well as crickets.

    Happy Lizards.

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    I have never understood the attraction to lizards or amphibians. My animals require fur. But to each their own. Have fun with your new animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by FauxPas View Post
    I have never understood the attraction to lizards or amphibians. My animals require fur. But to each their own. Have fun with your new animals
    All Animals have personalities and reptiles and Amphibians are difference.

    Besides they are a hell of a lot harder to care for the cats and dogs. So it takes skills to deal with them.

    I do not have any now but I had fun with our two geckos. They liked to read the news paper over my shoulder and they would chirp if I did not hold it up straight for them. I have no Idea what they were looking at but paper time was front of the tank time. But there again they got crickets when I finished the paper so that may have been it.

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    Here one egor. A Maine Coon kitty 8 to 10 months old was laying on our porch. We tried finding the owner and could not find them. Looks almost like your cat. But is a Dark Gray and black. So we are keeping them. The lady a few doors down found the owner and the owner was like if they are willing to keep him they can have him . Apparently the mother had a litter of kittens.

    Now it two Bearded dragons tomarrow and a kitten.

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