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Thread: Furry Partial, ears attatchment to head?

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    Default Furry Partial, ears attatchment to head?

    Anyone know how to attach loose furry ears to go on your head any other way than a headband? pics or links would help greatly :3

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    I've seen ones utilizing hairclips, but they generally aren't as easy to place properly, and move around a bit more (Plus, they can pull your hair if you jump around a lot)

    There's also the obvious method of attaching them in some way to a hat...

    What's you're reasoning behind wanting to bypass the headband?

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    Sharp needles jabbed directly into your skull.

    But Eulogy is right. Hair clip or hat is really your only other option

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    Headband that matches your hair colour.
    Ive got long enough hair to go the hair clips but as mentioned they can move about which would pull at hair, Ouch!
    A hat, perhaps a cap with ears would be the only other option really and that would be pretty cool!

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    I tried hair clips but that didn't work. My mate makes me ferret ears every year by gluing ears from old teddy bears to brown headbands. They wear out quickly though. I wouldn't mind a more durable solution.

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    They really need to be stitched onto a covering that covers the whole headband.
    My ears from my first partial are about 3years old now and still just as good
    (I cant upload pics on my phone now, even if I switch over to firefox! *growls under my breath* )

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    I find headbands to be super uncomfortable, but maybe it's cause I am a guy. I'll stick to my collar and tail.

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    The headbands give me headaches but I'm willing to endure thrm for the sake of having ferret ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perlFerret View Post
    The headbands give me headaches but I'm willing to endure thrm for the sake of having ferret ears.
    Just wear headbands more and your body will get used to it xDD

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