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    hey everyone
    before i start my rant let me just say since i last logged on, it's been a crazy few weeks.

    So right now im at a Baskins robins/Dunkin Donuts using the wifi just to get away from my family.I went to the audition and i think i passed( thanks to all that gave me advice before In a previous thread)when i got home someone from my past came back to see me. My old friend/hostbrother,/crush came for a visit and he said he was moving to town. he know about my habits and brought me a toy. so we talked recently and i found out after I left he kinda fellout with his mom though it was kind of akward when she sa us cuddled up together before. the da actually did'nt care now here'swhere its gets akward we had to move into my grandfathers very small 2 story apartment so I had to move everything including my favorite things into storage.lucky for me my sisters moved in with my aunt so it's not that crowded but we had to kick my uncle out of his room so he lives downstairs on the couch (he's furious by the way). While my mom has the bed me and my brother both share the floor. the only thing thats embarrassing about this is the fact that i can't sleep without cuddling something. even when I do fall asleep I somehow move in my sleep until im able to grab something currently that "Thing" is my brother. when you've shared a room and bed before it's bound to happen and lucky for me he doesn't mind but the bad thing here is my mom saw it. she knows i do it but it's gotten to the point where I can't even look her in eye.

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    I recently found out that if I cuddle something it helps me drift off to sleep. I always have two pillows on my bed. Sometimes I'll just hug one of them if I'm tossing and turning too much. It's the whole teddy bear comfort complex. We were all kids once and most of us slept with an object of some sort. Weather you want to admit it or not or you know it or not, 90+% of people would/do sleep better with an object for comfort by them. It's super normal. As for your mom, she probably thinks it's super cute. In her eyes, you and your brother will always be her babies. That was her first impression of both of you when you finally came into this world and she bonded with you MOST in that initial state of squishy mommy love. Grab a pillow. If it really bothers you, talk to your mom, she will probably laugh and hug you.

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    It's hard right now. Very Very hard. Something that took me a long time to realize is that we as americans can do anything. Focus your mind on what you want and research it. Read many books. Learn how to run an online business. Find what you love and learn how to make money off of it.

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