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Thread: using duct tape and baby diapers

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    Default using duct tape and baby diapers

    When I first got into using diapers I was 12 and could kind of fit into the Goodnights that existed at that time. But I really wanted the plastic backed diaper feel, so I kept looking for alternatives. When I got a little bigger, I couldn't really fit into the Goodnights any more and I needed a new system. My solution was to get 2 of the Pampers size 6 and tape them together end to end to make a diaper that would be big enough. Oh yeah, this was in 1995 or so. I used white duct tape so that they looked kind of legitimate. I'd also have to use duct tape in place of the regular tapes to make it fit. Eventually though, I wasn't satisfied with that either, so I made a larger one made from 4 Pampers size 6. I had to use scissors to modify the center, but it basically worked and could actually deal with a full wetting.

    All of this is obsolete now that I've found things like the Molicare, Bambinos, etc. But that was my system for like 4-5 years. Even if I did go back to my old system, the baby diapers of today all seem to be cloth backed which sucks. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else did something like this. I didn't really find any sort of online community until later, so this was my plan in a vacuum of information. Did anyone else ever try this?

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    The end to end design was a staple for me for years. The first adult sized diaper type product I found were the pads with belts and just looking at the package, I could see they weren't going to be remotely satisfactory. Baby diapers, even heavily modified, were a clear winner. Even after I first encountered Depends, my excitement evaporated when I saw the clinical green color. I don't think that would bother me so much but at the time it was a complete buzzkill and I stuck with modified baby diapers until I discovered Attends.

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    Yes. I did this for a LONG time, having been born in 1993 and getting back into diapers again when I was 12. I, like you, fell in love with the Goodnites once available, but still always yearned for the plastic-backed baby diapers. I spent many an hour duck-taping baby diapers (both the plastic-backed Pampers/Luvs Size 6 and Huggies Overnites diapers) together to make a giant baby diaper. Then, I discovered a thing called the internet and eventually built up the courage to buy adult diapers (Molicare and Attends, namely) online. I was in pure bliss! I also wish I would have known at the time that you could simply peel away the cloth-like backing on the Goodnites to get a plastic diaper...oh well!

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    Yup. I did all sorts of baby diaper modding. I still do. I've had a very hard time kicking my Pampers habit. Well, ok, I haven't exactly tried!

    My earliest diapers were cloth baby diapers, left over from my sister's and my diaper days, and kept around for rags. Once I was too big for them, I'd take a few extra diaper pins and create myself a bigger diaper by fastening two or three of them together. I didn't have any suitable plastic pants, however, so wetting was usually out -- which was fine, as I had no idea how to work the washer and dryer.

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    Yeah, makes sense that people would modify like that. I wish I'd have tried the cloth diaper route like you did Cottontail. My folks also kept them around like you described, but I didn't really know how to put them together. I also didn't have the plastic pants, so the disposable route seemed more exciting. Thanks for the posts! I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one in the world making frankendiapers out of Pampers/Luvs.

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