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Thread: You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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    Default You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

    I show the world that diapers are just a silly thing some people like and enjoy.
    I show the world that people that wear diapers are.....



    ...............................I am a failure.


    ....Are going to miss me.

    .....When I'm gone.

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    I'll miss you if you go. You videos have been mighty helpful and informative and you seem cool and interesting. If you need to chat with someone, feel free to pm.

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    Please don't!!! I've never seen any of your videos but suicide is never the answer!!!

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    If this is your cry for help, at least you're making one. Don't let whatever is bothering you be an end game.

    Listen, I've been where you are. I tried to kill myself last year. It didn't work. I was just so overwhelmed with having been out of college for over two years and not having a job other than bartending, I felt lost living at home, I had lost the first girl I ever said "I love you" to and meant it, I felt ridiculous that I had a diaper fetish and so many friends were leaving my home state and I was still sitting here. It was just so much. After realizing what I had tried to do, I went and I got help, because I wanted to get my head in the right place.

    I went to therapy for a few months and came to terms with a lot of things that were bothering me. As time passed, I became ok with wearing diapers, realizing it's just a part of me. In an unrelated story, a lot of my friends found out by total accident and they were almost all supportive of it. I'm more than happy with being single again, and I landed a job with a multi billion dollar corporation that you would instantly know if I mentioned the name, making way more money than I am qualified to be making. All I need is my own place…hopefully in 18-24 months.

    The point is…you get to come back. I'm living proof of it. If I left, my friends and family would be left to pick up the pieces, and who wants that. You mean a hell of a lot more to the people in this community than I do, and if I could make a difference in my life, you can fix yours too. There are people, both here and in your personal life, that want you around. You might think that's ridiculous, but it's true.

    Don't do anything you can't take back. All I can say, it gets better. Keep your head up. We're here for you if no one else is.

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    Seems to me to be just your version of the popular song and video. You know, one of these videos might go viral and I sure hope you have ads turned on because that can make you a ton of money if you get a few million views.

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    I'm struggling with this one. Can't tell if leaving the site, or quitting diapers, or just planning suicide? I really would hope it's not the latter.

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    I'm confused but please don't go anywhere! Your videos are very helpful to people (myself included.) I really hope you listen and change your mind bc whatever you think, you are NOT a failure! And I hope you're not talking suicide. The'res no need for that! I've been there and know what it's like. Whatever you decide, good luck to you and remember that your videos have done a lot of good for people and they still will if you continue. Please reconsider.

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    BabyMitchy please PM me if you need to talk at all. I really enjoy you and your videos and would hate to see anything happen to you. Suicide is never the answer!

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