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    I just ordered a box of 30 goodnites from amazon and I was curious if anyone knew if they will just put a shipping label on the box like Walmart does or will they put the box inside of their own box? It says it is being shipped fedex smartpost. So I have no way of redirecting it like I normally do.

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    My boxes always say Amazon, but not sure if what you ordered is already a box. Also if it does not say fulfilled by Amazon, it would be up to someone else to determine the packaging. I never had a problem, but I got my mail order diapers from Walmart. Would be weird if I did ship to store and they opened the box just to ask me if that was what I ordered. The computer would probably tell them what it was anyway. I 'd rather pay shipping.

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    I saw a review from an amazon customer that complained about how they didn't do a good job hiding the contents. However, I think in that case it was one of the Amazon Marketplace vendors and not Amazon proper.

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    If it says shipped and sold by amazon it will be in an amazon box which will have no markings other than the amazon tape on it but with the goodnites that you ordered it will come in a goodnites box it won't say goodnites on it or refer to it being underwear it will just say 30 count

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    That is good to hear, I was kinda freaking out. It is sold by amazon and not a vendor. I have had a couple embarrassing shipments lately, but luckily I have been able to redirect those.

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    Well they ended up coming in just the box that says 30 count and the weight range. So not the most ideal, but I did get home before everyone else.

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    Default Amazon shipping

    That's good. Amazon doesn't normally do that. When I order a box of something, they normally put it in a bigger Amazon box.
    Also I'm pretty sure that FedEx smartpost can be redirected or held for pick up. The request just has to go through USPS because they ultimately deliver it.
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    If it is shipped Smart Post or Sure Post you can have the package held at the post office for pickup.

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    I bought the s/m version of a 30 pack of l/xl version of goodnites. I assume you might have ordered from the same link. It came in a brown box with small markings like "size s/m" and "size 4-8." It made no direct reference to goodnites, but still not good. Here, this is the link to the l/xl version of the product I bought:

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