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Thread: I need help with getting my bf baby clothes!

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    Default I need help with getting my bf baby clothes!

    I'm new here and I'm looking for online stores or mail away for baby clothes for my big baby. I want to make our experiences even more real for him. I want to surround him in soft, safe, loving, baby things, but I can't find many websites offering a good selection.

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    Welcome whatlolawants! I'm no expert on baby clothes and the like but there are many here who are. They'll be along shortly...

    In the meantime, since we are a support community, we like to get to know our members. What are some of your hobbies when you are not being a loving, caring mommy?

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    You can have custom onsies and shortalls made on snaps4u; and i've heard that their pricing is very reasonable.

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    Do a search on ebay for adult baby, adult plastic pants, adult diapers and you will come up with a lot of good ideas.

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    Here's another place to look.
    This will give a source for several adult baby items. Including Shortalls,
    Tee shirts, onesies, and so on.

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    Definitely Big Tots on Ebay. Sounds like fun!

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    A cheap alternative to custom clothes would be to find plain t-shirts and denim overalls in his size at a thrift store, then sew or iron-on baby appliques on them. :-)

    Also, it's getting easier to find adult footie pajamas nowadays, so be sure to get him some of those!

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    Cheep and fun all in one cloth diapers you can get from

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