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Thread: Best diaper in Brick and Mortar Stores?

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    Default Best diaper in Brick and Mortar Stores?

    I've unexpectedly found out that I'm going to be alone for the whole day beginning in about... 5 hours. That means I can get myself some diapers without the rest of the family noticing.

    What's the best on-shelf brand I can buy? It doesn't look like anywhere around me carries Abenas, Molicares, or Tranquility ATNs.

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    You need to find a home health-care store. They usually have the better brands (the ones you mentioned) in stock. Try to stay away from CVS/RiteAid/Walgreens/wherever. All you'll find are the VERY inadequate national brands.

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    Home health-care stores are probably your best bet or non-chain pharmacies. Even with that, sometimes its hard. The best diapers I've been able to get locally are Prevail Per-Fit (still not that good, I end up throwing boosters in them) or the regular Molicare that aren't as thick. It seems like no one likes to carry any diaper that can handle more than two wettings or overnight.

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    I've found some decent diapers at small family owned pharmacies before. You can find depends maximums anywhere. By far not the best but not the worst.

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    Tena Supers are fairly decent for a store brand, and widely available for the most part. Cloth backed may be a drawback for you, but they work well for me! :-)

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