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Thread: Sick - awkward situation

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    Whenever I am sick, I am always diapered, just as a precaution and to make myself feel better. I've been sick these last few days and have subsequently been wearing almost 24/7. My diapers have been GREAT to me these last few days. Today, however, I decided it was time to visit the urgent care. I was so used to getting into a diaper that I wore to the hospital. As I was sitting in the exam room waiting, I realized I was wearing a diaper. The doctor walked in before I could go and change out and he began to question me on it, often asking why a young person has problems. I tried to take his attention away from it, but eventually I told a flat out lie to him and said that I had an accident earlier in the week and began to wear just to prevent them. He stared at me and said "whatever suits you" and huffed under his breath. Has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them?

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    This has not happened to me before actually. I have only recently become IC (back in January) but I never wore diapers when I was getting sick before that. The reason for this was because I simply could not afford them when I got sick due to me being homeless years ago. so please be advised that I am simply making a recommendation here based upon the perceived problem the doctor was causing you and that I have not directly experienced this myself. What I would suggest the next time a doctor gives you that kind of attitude is ask them would you prefer that I crap all over your floor out here and make a mess or just wear a diaper? I think they will appreciate it when they realize your wearing a diaper because your the one being polite!

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    He probably didn't believe you. I've never had an issue like that with doctors. But then again, I have a medical reason to wear protection!

    But I do have an embarrassing story. I was in the ER ("generalized muscle weakness", unable to walk) when the doctor wanted to check for rectal tone. Imagine how I felt when I had to drop a wet pull up for him to check that. And it was a young guy... cute guy too. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never been seen again by him lol.

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    Yeah that does sound awkward. I'm kind of surprised that a doctor would care, but I guess everyone's different. I know a lot of nurses and they are exposed to people losing control all the time. They probably wouldn't even notice if someone was wearing a diaper.

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    Havnt really had it noticed (i think) however a month ago when I last saw a doctor he wanted to listen to my heart/chest.
    Without thinking I went to lift my shirt and then realised I was in a predicament.
    In a flash I pulled my arms into my t-shirt and slid it down from the top around my neck.
    He looked at me strangely but thankfully didnt say anything!

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    Nezquick66 - doctors are supposed to treat everything you tell them as confidential. So, just for the hell of it, I think you should have told him the truth just to see his reaction. Anyway, that's what I plan to do if I am ever in that situation.

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    This is just crying out for EPO1 to reply. Oh well!

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    I think the doctor was way out of line. it reminds me of the different experience of how I got the top part of my wrist cut open while breaking up a toilet tank and the nurse who takes the vitals before the doctor was a total **** and not just to me and of all the crap my parents did not take me to Denny's after that either.

    Anyways I'm half tempted to wear a girly goodnite next time I go to the doc and be honest since it would be a great reaction but alas saying and doing are totally different things.

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    Medical situations can be a total crapshoot in terms of bedside manner and rudeness. (Also in terms of quality of care -- even among ones who are technically practicing within accepted 'standards'). Physicians' and other medical personnel are people too. They're not Gods. And as such, they're subject to the same issues that any of us are: emotional immaturity, egotism,depression, resentment, entitlement, etc.

    This is not to disparage the profession -- just to reiterate, they're humans. I think sometimes some of us have a tendency to paternalize or maternalize staff and give them ridiculous amounts of undo deference...bowing to their every word, inclination, and mood.

    The fact of the matter is that as a patient and human being, you are your most important advocate. And being well informed of your health, having awareness of all the treatment options and their risks, and choosing a physician (If you can) that respects and understands you is very valuable.

    I wouldn't wear a diaper to the doc even by accident. I don't need them medically. But if my doctor was rude or disrespectful or seemed to be pressuring me toward a surgery -- I'd get a new doctor or a second opinion at the very least. Life's too short to deal with jerk off physicians. There are too many excellent ones out there.

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    The doctor here might have been more forceful because he didn't believe you. If he thought you might have additional problems (and wearing a diaper out of nowhere absolutely could indicate more serious problems), he correctly should have inquired further.

    You'd actually have done better to tell him straight out that you like wearing them, but have no medical problems. As is, he might think that something is more seriously wrong in one way or another.

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