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Thread: Going Off to College: Help!

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    I'm about to leave for college in less than a week. I'll live 2 hours from home in a community-style dorm with men who I have never met before (My roommate's never even talked to me). So, it's safe to assume I'll probably have no privacy, so I'll have to totally suppress my DL side since there's no way in Hades I'm letting anyone find out about it.

    For those of you who are/have been in college, how do you do it? Do you occasionally come home to get a little privacy while you do your thing? Do you just put diapers away and live life like everyone else for the next several months? Does it make it easier/harder to suppress if you occasionally indulge when you can get some privacy? How bearable was it denying this part of yourself day in and day out? Do you have any tips/advice?

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    I personally do not wear at college. There are a few nights where my roommate goes out and I know I'll have a chance to get away with it, but I never risk it. I usually go home about once every one or two months and just wait until I go home to wear in the privacy of my room.
    I hope this helps!!

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    In college.

    Its super easy. You can wear in front of your roommate if you want. Obviously you cant change in front of them, but if you know their schedule its beyond easy to get away with. Dont worry about wearing diapers in the room....Your roommate wont be looking for you wearing a diaper therefore he wont notice.

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    Just don't make it bothersome to your roommate. The calmer you are about it, the less people will react. Just make sure you are clean, courteous, and don't make it involve him. Just be nice and keep it hidden away and make sure you keep it smelling clean.

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    Not wanting to be discovered, I waited until I went home. College was just an hour drive and I usually went home every weekend, as I had a job in my home town. I didn't get caught wearing in college. No, I got caught by my mom, wearing at home. Ah....the lady or the tiger.

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    I have/do on occasion. In my first year, I wore on days I knew my roommates would be gone (3). I kept my desire mostly suppressed for most of the year until I was comfortable with my roommates and the various routines. In the second year, I had my own room in an apartment with the same group of guys. During this time, I wore to class a few times, which included a bike ride to campus and back. I learned to wait til I got back from class for the day to change. That said, I have changed between classes a few times. This past year, I started using stuffers, which meant thicker diapers. I have yet to be formally caught by anyone on the large campus. Have there maybe been a raised eyebrow in the apartment or dorm? Possibly a few times, but nothing had changed,nor had I been confronted.

    In the end, it's about knowing your schedule and knowing your boundaries. I wore goodnites when I went to class for their inconspicuous size. Bigger diapers here are uncomfortable here due to the high humidity 75% of the year, though! I'm going to give it another chance here in the coming weeks. I generally avoided my roommates when I wore anything thicker, which is not to say I completely removed myself from anything social when asked. Just be prepared for the worst case. Even if you think you have a free day, keep clothes and/or a blanket nearby. I always keep a fib should I be asked. I had pretty serious food poisoning for a week last year, which actually lead me to a decent package of diapers and gave me a decent alibi if I had been asked.

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    I live at home while going to college, so the roommate situation might be a little different, but the following still applies: I've actually found it easier to wear while I'm out on campus going to classes and such. It's not so hard to change in the restrooms (especially if it's during peak hours and there are lots of people going in and out making noise), and no one is going to notice under clothes unless you wear tight jeans or short shorts or something.

    You can fit an extra diaper in your backpack no problem, and nobody questions carrying your backpack into the restroom with you. wrap it in a plastic bag so that you'll have a bag to put the used one in when you change (plus the bag helps disguise it if you open your backpack too wide).

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    I'm in your boat op. I'm also a few hours away from home, and will likely be working on weekends... so I hope that my roommate has a predictable schedule! I'm definetley going to wait a week or two before I do anything... scope out the dorms. I'll probably stock up on plastic grocery bags, and use them and a backpack to dispose of diapers in a bin outside the building. I hope you figure something out!

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    This coming fall will be my third year at my university and I have actually only started to wear around last year. I didn't dare wear any in the dorms since it was actually way to small and never really had the guts. After moving into a house with some of my friends, I still share a room, so only get to wear every once in a while. I have wore around my roommate once and was pretty paranoid of the crinkle I spent most of the time laying in bed. I am truly a baby when my roommate leaves for the weekend since I have everything I need in my room and don't have to worry about getting caught!

    I would say that you should probably spend the first couple weeks getting to know your roommates to befriend them first. Keep an eye when they are back and what not and hopefully you can find a time to squeeze it in. I think the easiest thing to wear around people would be cloth backed diapers since they are fairly silent and can handle a wetting or two. If need be, stuffers will help dramatically!

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    I recently graduated and I lived in residence halls for the first three and a half years (the last semester I was abroad). For all but the last semester I shared a room with a roommate and for about half of the years I had a bathroom with the room. When I did have roommates I was somehow remarkably clever when I needed to allot time to do DL or other sexual activities. Mostly it just involved good timing and how comfortable I was. I never got caught but I also was rather infrequent as far as how many times I got padded in college. I never wore to classes or studio (architecture major) because I never felt too comfortable considering through the later years I would always have classes where people did know me. The last semester of campus I had my only room but I didn't get padded frequently due to supply and since I was involved with someone the last couple of months. I would say that it might have been a bit more difficult if I wanted to do more DL related activities when I was there and I would say that it might be difficult if before you were heading to campus you would get padded every day. Personally, I was also very erratic with being consistent to the point that I would have periods of nearly four months where I was not interested in being a DL. This can happen.

    As far as advice I would agree with the consensus and get to learn your roommates and look out for timing opportunities that are appropriate. Maybe they will head home during a weekend and you will have the room for yourself. Also look out to see if your residence hall has a unisex bathroom nearby if you don't have a bathroom in your room. This is more because it would be more comfortable than trying to change out in a larger dorm bathroom. At the end of the day if you are still uncomfortable you still have opportunities back at home if you are able to get there for a weekend back.

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