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    I sometimes get more in to the AB side then the DL. I like to act like I am being potty trained again and I hold till I can not and wet myself or don't go to the potty till I am already going in my pants/ pull up. Well today it seems that if I don't pay attention I start wetting. I was coloring and had a accident. I knew I needed to pee but I just didn't get up and go. I also wet a little bit ago because I was reading. I felt the need but stayed put and then when I started wetting my pull up that was when I went to the potty. I was soked when I got there. Any one else do this?

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    This is what I do as well.
    For me, being little is older than toddler age, usually between 6-12, certainly old enough to know better, but accidents happen!
    I did this yesterday morning, wearing my footed onesie. I took my breakfast outside to the patio area to eat, and knew that I needed to pee, but decided to wait until I had finished eating first. I wasn't wearing a night nappy underneath, and had an accident in my pants before I finished eating.
    I stayed in my wet clothes for about 20 minutes afterwards and felt so naughty and little!
    My little me wears a nappy to bed, and will use that on purpose sometimes, even though I know it's wrong.

    My DL side loves to wear and use diapers, my Little side likes wet pants.

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