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Thread: Confurgence 2015 "The dragon dynasty"

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    Default Confurgence 2015 "The dragon dynasty"

    Just gaguing interest at the monent, but im curious if there is any Aussie furs (or hardcore overseas ones) that will be attending Melbourne's (Victoria Australia) next furry convention, "Confurgence" during January 10th to the 12th 2015?.
    For now im just thinking of staying in Melbourne with mates while im there, (saves motel fees lol) but a catch up one day during the con would be cool! ^.^

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    I very much plan on one day making it to an overseas con. Not sure which one yet. I am thinking maybe Eurofurence or Confuzzled, but a con in Australia would be tons of fun. Would be a long ass flight from the states though.

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    Yep, I'm going

    Flying over from NZ.

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    Last years was a snoozefest, ended up just hangin out in Melbourne. Highlight was spending the Sunday night with a couple of friends havin a few drinks and crashing in my bed while all padded up :3

    FurDu on the Gold Coast is a much better con if anyone is iffy about flying over from abroad.

    So unless something happens workwise I won't be there this year.... plus it's a lil close to MWFF for me (Don't like cons being too close together)

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