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Thread: Recommended Diapers?

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    Question Recommended Diapers?

    So, I just wanted your opinion on which diapers are the best for the following situations:


    I just want to know. I do realize that "Pee" will get the most recommendations, but please try to answer the others if you can. Whether or not they have designs on them also does not bother me.

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    Are you looking for specs based on purpose or pleasure/entertainment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanTylerDL View Post
    You can't go wrong with any of the popular premiums. Molicare, abena, dry24/7, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by RyanTylerDL View Post
    Anything with standing leak guards. tbh I'd recommend depends protection with tabs because they can be had for like 20 cents each and you don't care about absorbancy at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by RyanTylerDL View Post
    Anything from the first category.

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    Any of the Bambino line, Wellness Superio, Tranquillity ATN, and Tens Slip Maxi can be added to that list as well.

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    Could you put both?
    I hope it doesn't trouble you much. If not, answer pleasure please (I kinda already have purpose).

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