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Thread: Clinging to stuffed animals

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    Default Clinging to stuffed animals

    These guys are hard to let go. I can't sleep without my unicorn at night otherwise I'll just toss and turn and become insomniac for part of the night. When it came in the mail, my dad said "Oh, I always wanted a daughter" in kind of a worried tone. Then he goes on to rant on "oh, it's pink..". I really wish some people weren't so judgmental. It'd be nice to able to carry it places, but then people would look in disgust and say incredibly rude things. When I feel sad or depressed I'll lay in my bed and cuddle with my unicorn for a while and sometimes fall asleep for a little nap. Does anyone else have stuffed animals that they just can't let go of?

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    Umm, well.... yah! but Teddy and I have an understanding....he knows that a lot of the time we can't hang out together, but he's cool with that....of course that doesn't make it easy. Society sucks big time. Hey, congrats for being brave enough to get that unicorn....secretly your Dad's just jealous I

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    I have a plushy that I made when i was about 8 that I still have. back then it was just the perfect size for snuggling. Now its a bit small, but i still have it around, and it still sleeps with me and the derpy hooves plushy I made to cuddle with a year or two ago ^w^

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    Oddly enough I won an Aaron Lucky dog today and I sat in the show room waiting for the raffles and to get our purchase processed. I got very comfortable holding it and this big dog plushy (about 3 ft tall) and it did make me feel little. I actually cant wait for when I have a chance to be "dressed" along with a bottle and just lay and hold it.

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    Yeah, sleeping is very much about habits and what you get used to, and plushies are one of the hardest ones to break (and least important anyway =P).

    My story is I used to sleep with the same two specific plushies every night from about age 7 to age 15 or so. I did eventually grow out of it. Everyone overuses that term, but I literally got big enough that the way I liked to hold the plushies around my hands when sleeping wasn't comfortable any longer and I gradually started sleeping in different positions and not wanting to hold them.

    I never stopped liking plushies though, and I've always had a couple around me wherever I lived. Last year, I moved across the country to Washington D.C., got a new apartment, new bed and everything, and I decided to sleep with a couple plushies I had: a stuffed dog and a Twilight Sparkle. It made it easier to sleep in a new place and they felt good. I added a third one, a fox, a few months later, which I sometimes put on top of my head when I'm sleeping. Now that I'm used to them, I sleep with them every night. I did vacation for a week without them, but I ended up using an extra pillow to hold onto because I was so used to sleeping in a position where I was putting my hand on something.

    I honestly think plushies are awesome though. I've brought this up in several assorted plushie threads, but a huge part of the population has them, they're popular way beyond the ABDL community, and nobody that has any character will ever judge you for having them (good-natured teasing doesn't count).

    Quote Originally Posted by Pianissima View Post
    I have a plushy that I made when i was about 8 that I still have. back then it was just the perfect size for snuggling. Now its a bit small, but i still have it around, and it still sleeps with me and the derpy hooves plushy I made to cuddle with a year or two ago ^w^
    You sewed your own Derpy plushy?! That's incredibly cool. I mean, maybe not, like, objectively cool, but I think you're cool for doing it. =)

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    Yup, count me in, without Schmedy-bear, it is a rough sleep! I wonder what I ever did without one come to think about it!

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    I been sleeping with a plushie nearly everyday for as long as I can remember.
    It helps me sleep so much better as well.
    I occasionally hold and snug one during the day at home too.
    They are just so comforting to hold.

    As for carrying one out in public I would be afraid to,
    as I would be worried about being harshly judged and stared at.

    Tho at cons I carry one around a lot and its like almost no one gives a second look.
    Feels so great to do that too.

    I also believe no one is too old for a plushie.
    No matter age or gender.

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    A teddy bear that was given to me when I was two years old. I could never get rid of him. I remember when I put all of my plushies in boxes and placed the in the garage. Then the next day or so I whent to grt him out if the box. Now I have him always on my bed.

    I couldn't get rid of him due to having alot of memories associated with my teddy bear. :blush:

    Here's a picture
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just don't mind some people that are judgemental about that. They're only to afraid to do it themselves or won't admit it *giggles*.
    Since, as we now, a recent study said that 35 percent of adults admitted to sleeping with teddy bears. That's over one in three. And it's only the people who'd admit it.

    Anyway, of course I'm clinging to my small collection of stuffed animals. And I certainly won't let go! Although over the years I have collected too much, so I gave a large part away. To cousins and good friends (since some mentioned they like this or that little guy a lot over time) and surely some other kids will like them too, since they've always been cared for and have been in perfect shape.
    As mentioned also if you're away from your home, it's perfectly fine, since you have someone familiar in bed with you then.^

    And who else would give me that custom and perfect hug every single time? I know a lot of people who don't like to hug other people that much, however they still like to get hugged from their plushies (they hug them of course). ;)

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